Zebra Turbo Snails - Turbo sp.

Zebra Turbo Snails - Turbo sp.

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Care: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
Max Size:

1 per 20 gallons


The Zebra Turbo Snail is, by far, one of the most striking and effective clean up crew members money can buy. Like other turbo snails, Zebra Turbos have a massive appetite for film and hair algae to match their large body size. They can be easily differentiated from other turbo species by the contrasting light and dark bands on their shell, which lends them their name.             


Like other turbo snails, Zebra Turbos are a truly LARGE species, and can grow up to 3" in diameter. This gives them a bit of a reputation as a bulldozer, as they may dislodge unsecured frags, or even loose rockwork. However, they make excellent algae eaters, and make an excellent backbone to any clean up crew.        


Zebra Turbos will primarily eat film and hair algae in the aquarium, but if insufficient algae is available, it's advisable to supplement their diet with nori sheets.      

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