Aquarium & Pond Consultation

The hardest part of the aquarium and pond hobby is starting. You’ve likely seen the beautiful pictures of reef tanks, high-end planted freshwater tanks, or perfectly landscaped ponds full of healthy koi, but there is a huge learning curve between square one and that dream display, and it can be daunting to even know where to begin. With our decades of collective experience, we can talk you though all the equipment, livestock, and best practices required to ensure your success as an aquarist.


Aquarium & Pond Installation

Installation of a new aquarium or pond is the next massive hurdle in your journey as an aquarium or pond owner. Where should it go? How does all this equipment go together in a logical, easily maintainable, and visually appealing way? How am I even going to get this into my house or yard? At Whitlyn Aquatics, we offer full-service installation that eliminates these questions and more, allowing you to have a turn-key start to your new hobby.


Aquarium & Pond Maintenance

The final, and most important, ingredient in any successful freshwater aquarium, reef aquarium, or pond is maintenance. Whether you’re a busy enthusiast that just doesn’t have the time, or a business owner that simply wants a nice display for their customers to enjoy in the lobby, not everyone has the time or the desire to get shoulder deep in aquarium or pond cleaning every week. With our affordable residential and commercial maintenance plans, you can eliminate the hassle of maintenance and enjoy your aquarium or pond hassle free.

Besides peace of mind and one less chore on the to-do list, our maintenance plans offer the following benefits. As a service customer, you will receive first choice on all new livestock shipments, including fish, coral, and invertebrates. In addition, all our service customers receive an exclusive discount on all of our livestock! For our saltwater customers, we offer RO/DI water for evaporation topoff, and premixed saltwater for water changes delivered to your door on service day. For those aquarists that need an extra layer of security, we also offer remote monitoring services to get real-time updates on your display when you’re out of your home or office.