Welcome to the best place to score cheap deals on high-end live coral frags! Our live coral auctions run every week starting at only $1, with no reserve and include tons of varieties of SPS, Acropora, LPS, Zoas, Acans, Rock Flower Anemones, Mushroom Corals, Goniopora, and many more. Please be sure to read the rules below before bidding, and most importantly, have fun!  

    Coral Auction Rules:

    • Auctions run every week, beginning Wednesday or Thursday, and ending Sunday from 7-9pm Central. 
    • Discounts and coupon codes do not apply to auction items.
    • Free shipping over $300 discount does not apply to auction winnings.
    • Failure to pay for auction winnings will result in account bans.  
    • All sales are final.

    Payment & Shipping:

    • Online Customers
      • Payment must be made through the link sent to your email within 24 hours
      • If you won multiple items, we will send a combined invoice Monday morning.
      • Winnings may be held for 1 week to combine with the following auction if you choose. 
      • If you wish to add any items from our store to your order, please contact us at
      • Upon receipt of payment, we will contact you by your listed phone number to arrange a delivery date. 
      • See our Shipping & Return Policy page for rates and shipping info.
    • Local Customers
      • Payment must be made through the link sent to your email within 24 hours. If you wish to pay in-store, please contact us within 24 hours at to arrange a pickup date. 
      • Auction winnings must be picked up within 1 week. 
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