Yellow Tang Biota Captive Bred - Zebrasoma flavescens

Yellow Tang (Captive Bred) - Zebrasoma flavescens

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Care: Easy
Temperament:   Semi-aggressive
Reef Safe: Yes
Max Size:
Tank Size: 90gal


The Yellow Tang is an unmistakable and iconic reef aquarium fish notable for its bright yellow coloration. Their natural range extends through much of the pacific, but they're most commonly found in the waters around Hawaii. Due to collection bans in Hawaii, captive bred tangs sourced through Biota are currently the only way to reliably find yellow tangs for the aquarium hobby.       


Purple Tangs grow up to 8 inches long, and should be kept in aquariums of 90 gallons or more. Like other tangs, they're generally reef safe and semi-aggressive, as they often show aggression towards newly introduced tangs, especially others of similar shape and color. Make sure to provide plenty of open swimming space as well as ample rockwork for grazing and hiding.   


Yellow Tangs, like other surgeonfish, are mostly herbivorous, and should be provided with a diet rich in vegetable matter such as dried nori sheets. They'll also readily accept meaty frozen or prepared foods.  

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