XL Tonga Nassarius Snail - Nassarius sp.

XL Tonga Nassarius Snail - Nassarius sp.

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Care: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
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Stocking: 1 per 5 gallons


The Tongan Nassarius snail is a species of Nassarius similar to the more common Vibex variety, but with a much larger maximum size of around 1", and an overall more elongated shell. Like other Nassarius varieties, this species spends most of its time buries under the surface of the sand with only its long siphon protruding into the tank water, constantly sniffing for any signs of food. Once they detect the scent of meaty foods, they'll quickly unearth themselves and hunt around the tank for any leftovers your fish might have missed. Their propensity for digging and ravenous appetite make them a great option for turning over the sandbed in a reef tank, and eliminating any uneaten food.         


The Tonga Nassarius grows to a maximum size of 1 inch. This easy to keep species should be kept in a reef tank with at least a 1 inch thick sandbed to allow them to bury themselves. As with all inverts, care should be taken when first introducing them, as they are sensitive to sudden changes in salinity. Also, like other inverts, they are intolerant of copper, and should be removed before any copper based medicines are dosed.     


Tonga Nassarius primarily eat meaty foods, and will scavenge on whatever bits they can find in your sandbed that your fish missed. 

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