White Zombie Zoa

White Zombie Zoa

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Introducing the White Zombie Zoa, a captivating and unique addition to your reef aquarium! This striking zoanthid features a mesmerizing combination of colors and textures that evoke the eerie allure of the undead. At its center, you'll find a mottled pattern of light blue and maroon, resembling the decayed flesh of a zombie. Surrounding the center, the skirt of the White Zombie Zoa showcases alternating tentacles in shades of blue and maroon, adding depth and contrast to its appearance. Thriving in moderate lighting and gentle water flow, this zoanthid flourishes with regular feedings and stable water conditions.

Scientific Name








Care Level



Tonga, Fiji,  Solomon   Islands, and the Great Barrier Reef


 Middle to Bottom 

Purchase Size 1-2 Polyps


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