Banded Trochus Snails - Trochus spp.

Banded Trochus Snails - Trochus spp.

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Care: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
Max Size:

1 per 5 gallons


The Banded Trochus Snail is a true MVP in any clean up crew. They look very similar to astraea snails, but with a generally smother shell, a banded maroon patterning, and a darker foot.              


Banded Trochus snails are a highly sought after species due to their ability to eat a wide variety of nuisance algaes including film, diatoms, hair, and even some cyanobacteria varieties. Perhaps more interestingly, this species is known to readily reproduce in captivity, and can right itself if it falls on its back unlike the astraea, which requires frequent rescuing.         


Banded Trochus snails will primarily eat film algae in the aquarium, but if insufficient algae is available, it's advisable to supplement their diet with nori sheets.      

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