Synodontis Petricola

Synodontis Petricola

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Care: Medium
Temperament: Peaceful
Region: Lake Tanganyika Africa
Max Size:
Tank Size: 20gal
Purchase Size: 1-1.5"  


Synodontis petricola, commonly known as the Pygmy Leopard or Dward Cuckoo Catfish, is a small but charming member of synodontis family, native to the Tanganyika rift lake in East Africa. The base coloration is a silvery gray with an array of large black polkadots on the body and smaller dots on the face. The fins are solid black with a brightly contrasting white outline on the edges.           


Synodontis petricola is a fairly small catfish, maturing to a size of about 4 inches, and prefers to be kept in tanks of 20 gallons or more. These fish are very social, and should be kept in small groups for them to feel comfortable, and may hide excessively when kept singly. As a species from the rift lakes of Africa, Synodontis petricola prefers hard alkaline water, and makes a great addition to African cichlid tanks.            


Synodontis petricola is technically omnivorous, though it prefers a diet rich in protein. They aren't especially picky eaters, and will readily accept prepared sinking pellets or flake foods missed by their tankmates.         

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