Snowflake Eel - Echidna nebulosa
Snowflake Eel - Echidna nebulosa

Snowflake Eel - Echidna nebulosa

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Care: Easy
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Reef Safe: With Caution
Max Size:
Tank Size: 50gal


The snowflake eel is one of the best options for the average aquarist wanting a true moray eel. They're notable for their beautiful speckled white, black, and yellow markings and relatively small size.   


Snowflake Eels grow up to 3ft in the wild, but rarely exceed 2ft in home aquariums. They're reef safe and hardy, but cannot be kept with most invertebrates. For an eel, they are surprisingly non-aggressive, and should be safe with any fish that it can't it in its mouth. The most important consideration to be made when purchasing a snowflake eel is a tight fitting lid. They are escape artists, and have been known to push loose fitting lids out of the way. Despite their fairly large size, their sedentary lifestyle means they only require a modest size aquarium of 50gal or more.        


Snowflake eels thrive on a diet rich in large meaty foods like krill, shrimp, or frozen silversides. 

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