Snow White Shrimp - Caridina cantonensis

Snow White Shrimp - Caridina cantonensis

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Snow White Shrimp: Pristine Beauty for Your Aquatic Sanctuary

Introducing the Snow White Shrimp, a breathtaking and alluring species renowned for its pristine white coloration and delicate elegance. With its pure white appearance, this shrimp variety brings a touch of purity and refinement to any freshwater aquarium.

Key Features:

1. Pure White Coloration: Marvel at the pure white coloration of the Snow White Shrimp. Their immaculate white exoskeletons create a stunning contrast against lush green plants and colorful substrates, making them a standout feature in any aquascape.

2. Graceful and Delicate Appearance: Admire the graceful and delicate appearance of the Snow White Shrimp. With their slender bodies and gentle movements, these shrimp exude an aura of elegance and sophistication, adding an element of tranquility to your aquatic environment.

3. Peaceful and Sociable Nature: Appreciate the peaceful and sociable nature of the Red Pinto Shrimp. These invertebrates are excellent community members and coexist harmoniously with a wide range of tank mates, making them an ideal choice for community aquariums.

4. Natural Algae Control: Benefit from the natural algae-controlling abilities of the Snow White Shrimp. With their voracious appetite for algae, these shrimp help keep your aquarium clean and algae-free, contributing to the overall health and balance of your aquatic ecosystem.

Care Instructions:

  • Difficulty Level: Intermediate. While Blue Bolt Shrimp are generally hardy, they require stable water parameters and specific water conditions to thrive.

  • Aquarium Size: Provide a well-established aquarium of at least 5 gallons to accommodate a small group of Blue Bolt Shrimp. Ensure the tank is heavily planted with plenty of hiding spots and surfaces for algae growth.

  • Water Parameters: Maintain stable water conditions with a temperature range of 72-78°F (22-26°C), pH level of 6.5-7.5, and low to moderate water hardness. Use a reliable water testing kit to monitor water parameters regularly.

  • Feeding: Offer a varied diet consisting of high-quality shrimp pellets, algae wafers, blanched vegetables (such as spinach or zucchini), and occasional treats like frozen or live foods such as bloodworms or brine shrimp.

Maximum Size: The Blue Bolt Shrimp typically reaches a maximum size of approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm).

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