Scarlet Fever Zoa
Scarlet Fever Zoa Colony

Scarlet Fever Zoa

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Introducing the Scarlet Fever Zoa, a captivating and vibrant gem for your reef aquarium! This striking zoanthid boasts a mesmerizing combination of colors and patterns that evoke the intense allure of a feverish scarlet hue. At its center, you'll find a pink ring surrounding the mouth, creating a focal point of warmth and vibrancy. Surrounding the center, irregular pink spots create a dynamic and eye-catching pattern against a backdrop of deep purple, adding depth and contrast to its appearance. Completing the ensemble, the Scarlet Fever Zoa features a neon green skirt that radiates energy and brightness, enhancing its overall beauty. Thriving in moderate lighting and gentle water flow, this zoanthid flourishes with regular feedings and stable water conditions.

    Scientific Name








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    Tonga, Fiji,  Solomon   Islands, and the Great Barrier Reef


     Middle to Bottom

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      4-5 Polyps


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