Sanke Koi Swordtail

Sanke Koi Swordtail - Xiphophorus helleri

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Care: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Region: Mexico
Max Size:
Tank Size: 10gal
Purchase Size: 1.5-2"


The Sanke Koi Swordtail is a unique variation of the wild swordtail selectively bred to display orange, black, and white colorations similar to the Sanke Koi they're named after.         


Swordtails, like other livebearers, make excellent options for beginner aquarists. When fully grown, they reach sizes up to 3", but are very peaceful and calm swimmers, allowing them to be kept in tanks as small as 10 gallons. They're very easy to breed in captivity, with the male being differentiated by his slimmer proportions, long 'swordlike' extension at the bottom of the tailfin, and the anal fin modified into a tubular gonopodium used in mating. It's recommended to keep them in groups with 2-3 females per male to reduce breeding stress.        


Swordtails are omnivores, and will happily accept prepared foods as well as frozen and live offerings.       

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