Rummynose Tetra

Rummynose Tetra - Hemigrammus rhodostomus

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Care: Moderate
Temperament: Peaceful
Region: South America
Max Size:
Tank Size: 20gal
Purchase Size: .75-1"


The Rummy Nose Tetra is a popular midwater schooling tetra native to the Amazon River basin. They're named for the bright red coloration on their faces, reminiscent of a face flushed from overconsumption. The body is torpedo shaped, and overall light translucent gray with a striking black and white horizontally striped tail.   


Rummy Nose Tetras grow to between 2-2.5", and should be kept in groups of at least 6 in aquarium of 20 gallons or larger. As with most schooling tetras, larger groups and plenty of plants and decor to hide in when stressed will make them feel more at ease. They are a very peaceful species, and make great community fish, and shouldn't be kept with any large predatory or aggressive species.    


Rummy Nose Tetras are omnivorous, and will readily accept most prepared foods. Live or frozen foods may also be offered for increased protein, encouraging faster growth and better coloration.     

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