Ruby Longfin Fairy Wrasse - Cirrhilabrus rubeus

Ruby Longfin Fairy Wrasse - Cirrhilabrus rubeus

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Care: Easy
Temperament:   Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
Max Size:
Tank Size: 50gal


The Ruby Longfin Fairy Wrasse, or Red Fin Fairy Wrasse, is a beautiful species of fairy wrasse notable for its striking orange coloration with hints of vibrant blue and yellow. However, its most interesting feature is the long streamer on the dorsal fin.           


The Ruby Longfin Fairy Wrasse is a small species, growing only to about 3", though they're highly active swimmers, and should be kept in tanks of 50 gallons or more. They're a hardy, easy to keep species, and their peaceful and reef safe nature makes them a perfect addition to any reef tank.           


Like other wrasse, Ruby Longfin Fairy wrasse are predatory. Offer them plenty of meaty frozen foods such as mysis or other seafood blends.     

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