Red Scarlet Hermit Crab - Paguristes cadenati

Red Scarlet Hermit Crab - Paguristes cadenati

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The Red Scarlet Hermit makes an excellent addition to your reef's clean up crew! Not only does it sport striking bright red coloration, it has a massive appetite for most of the common algaes that plague our tanks. Unlike some hermit, they're less aggressive, and are less likely to kill other hermits or snails for their shells.  


Scarlet Hermits are a very hardy reef safe member of any clean up crew. As with all inverts, some care should be taken on acclimation, since they are more sensitive to sudden chemistry changes, but once established, they'll happily graze on your rockwork with no special care.   


Scarlet Hermits are grazers, and will consume various types of algaes and uneaten food. 

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