Raccoon Butterflyfish - Chaetodon lunula

Raccoon Butterflyfish - Chaetodon lunula

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Care: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: No
Max Size:
Tank Size: 125gal


The trash panda of the sea! The raccoon butterfly is a beautiful species with bright yellow on its underside and fins and darkening gradually towards the top of its body. The head features a 'mask' over the eyes similar to the eponymous furry bandit. 


Raccoon Butterflies grow to 8" in length, and should be housed in a 125gal or larger aquarium. They're considered easy to keep, but can be very shy at first, and require some patience to get eating. They aren't reef safe, and will readily eat sessile invertebrates and corals.     


Raccoon Butterflies don't have any special dietary needs, and once acclimated will readily accept most meaty frozen foods. 

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