Porcupine Snail Bicolor - Clithon diadema

Porcupine Snail Bicolor - Clithon diadema

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Porcupine Snail Bicolor - Clithon diadema

Product Description:

The Porcupine Snail Bicolor (Clithon diadema) is a fascinating and visually striking addition to any freshwater aquarium. Known for its distinctive shell adorned with sharp, porcupine-like spines, this snail not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your tank but also plays a crucial role in maintaining its cleanliness.

Key Features:

1. Unique Appearance: The Porcupine Snail Bicolor is easily identifiable by its bicolor shell, typically featuring a combination of yellow and black, along with its characteristic spiny projections. This unique look makes it a standout in any aquarium setting.

2. Algae Control: These snails are excellent algae eaters, helping to keep your tank clean by consuming various types of algae. They contribute to maintaining a healthy and balanced aquatic environment.

3. Peaceful Nature: Porcupine Snails are peaceful and can be housed with a variety of tank mates, making them a versatile addition to community tanks. They do not bother other inhabitants and focus primarily on their algae-grazing activities.

Care Instructions:

  • Tank Size: A minimum tank size of 10 gallons is recommended. These snails are small and can thrive in nano tanks as well as larger setups.

  • Aquarium Setup: Provide a well-planted tank with plenty of surfaces for algae growth. Ensure good water flow and plenty of hiding spots using rocks, driftwood, and aquatic plants.

  • Feeding: While they primarily feed on algae, you can supplement their diet with algae wafers or blanched vegetables like zucchini and spinach to ensure they receive adequate nutrition.

  • Water Parameters: Maintain stable water conditions with a temperature range of 72-82°F (22-28°C), pH between 7.0-8.0, and hardness between 8-15 dGH. Regular water changes and good filtration are essential for their health.

  • Tank Mates: Suitable tank mates include other peaceful fish, shrimp, and snails. Avoid housing with aggressive species that may harm the snails or outcompete them for food.

Difficulty: Easy, making them ideal for both novice and experienced aquarists.

Maximum Size: The Porcupine Snail Bicolor grows up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) in length.

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