Pink / Red Pincushion Urchin - Lytechinus variegatus

Pink / Red Pincushion Urchin - Lytechinus variegatus

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Care: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
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Stocking: 1 per 50 gallons


The Pink Pincushion Urchin is a color variation of the common Pincushion Urchin, which occurs in many shades of reds, oranges, whites, grays, and blues. This variant displays bright pink coloration on its outer spines, gradating to a yellow orange closer to the base. They're a nocturnal species, and can generally be found tucked into shaded crevices in the rock during the day, wedging themselves in with their surprisingly powerful spines. For this reason, it's important to ensure all rock in the tank is stable to prevent rockslides.             


Pincushion Urchins grow to about 8", including their spines. They're voracious algae eaters, and must be provided with plenty of rock and glass for grazing to avoid starvation. Interestingly, they like to pick up small objects like rocks or shells in the aquarium and hold them on top of their bodies like hats. Though, this charming quirk can become annoying, as the Pincushion Urchion's fashion taste also extends to unsecured coral frags, which may be picked up, dragged across the tank, and dropped in less than ideal places. As with other invertebrates, they're intolerant of copper and rapid changes in water conditions, so should be acclimated carefully.     


Like other urchins, Pink Pincushions are voracious algae eaters, and must be provided with plenty of grazing space. If algae becomes too sparse, they must be supplemented with dried nori algae.   

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