One Spot Foxface - Siganus unimaculatus

One Spot Foxface - Siganus unimaculatus

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Care: Easy
Temperament:   Peaceful
Reef Safe: With Caution
Max Size:
Tank Size: 90gal


The One Spot Foxface is a species of rabbit fish that looks extremely similar to the common Foxface Lo, but with a black blotch on the back half of its body that can vary in appearance from individual to individual. They have striking coloration with bright yellow at the black, with a white head, and a black stripe over the eye and chest and the black spot which gives them their name. When stressed or sleeping, they'll display much more muted and mottled camouflaged patterns. Interestingly, they possess venomous spines on the dorsal and anal fins, which they'll often flex when feeling threatened. The venom isn't considered dangerous, and has been likened to a bee sting.        


One Spot Foxface grow to about 8 inches long, and are very active swimmers, requiring a 6ft or longer aquarium with plenty of open space for swimming such as a 125 gallon. They're peaceful with most other fish and quite hardy, though they are highly territorial with conspecifics and other species of foxface. If kept well fed, they are usually reef safe, though they may begin to nip at fleshy corals if they're not provided with sufficient food. Due to their natural defenses, these fish also make good candidates for predatory tanks, helping battle algae.        


The diet of the Foxface Lo is very similar to tangs, and should be provided with plenty of nori algae and rockwork for grazing. They'll also readily accept most frozen foods such as mysis or other seafood blends or pellet foods.     

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