NorthFin Community Premium Fish Food
NorthFin Community Premium Fish Food

NorthFin Community Premium Fish Food

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NorthFin Premium Fish Food is a Canadian high quality, steam heat extruded fish food pellet. 100 percent of our ingredients are sourced in Canada and the USA. Our community formula contains easily digestible, all natural ingredients with 100 percent natural color enhancers. It is specially formulated and well balanced to meet the needs of a variety of freshwater fish, including all types of carnivore and omnivore fish, making it simple to feed the rainbow of fish in your tank. Only the highest marine grade proteins and additives make it into our food, with no low grade ingredients or fillers, artificial pigments, byproducts, or added hormones. Feeding an all marine diet to your fish allows them to stay healthy, reach their full color spectrum, and produce less waste, creating less work for you as their aquarium stays cleaner longer. Our unique Double Screw Steam Extrusion process keeps vitamins and nutrients intact through the manufacturing process and creates a natural form or preservation. Our Key Ingredients: Whole Antarctic Krill: a natural source of marine protein and carotenoids, which bring out the rich and vibrant colors of fish Omega 3 Herring Meal: the highest grade of fish meal, this contains a high concentration of DHA, which promotes a healthy development, growth, and coloration in fish

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