Naso Tang - Naso Lituratus
Naso Tang - Naso Lituratus
Naso Tang - Naso Lituratus Medium

Naso Tang - Naso Lituratus

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Care: Moderate
Temperament:   Semi-aggressive
Reef Safe: Yes
Max Size:
1' 6"
Tank Size: 180gal


The Naso Tang is a large striking surgeonfish, making a perfect centerpiece fish in any large aquarium. The body is slate gray at the top, gradually transitioning to a yellow underside. The face has a black mask between the eyes and mouth, with a bright yellow border, and bright orange lips. Interestingly, unlike most tangs, Nasos possess 2 sets of scalpels, which are highlighted with bright orange patterning.   


Naso tangs grow quite large at up to 18 inches long, and require an equally large aquarium of 180 gallons or more. Like other tangs, they are generally reef safe, and are considered semi-aggressive, often bullying any new tangs added to the tank.    


Naso Tangs, like other surgeonfish, are mostly herbivorous, and should be provided with a diet rich in vegetable matter such as dried nori sheets. They'll also readily accept meaty frozen or prepared foods.  

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