Mexican Turbo Snails - Turbo fluctuosa

Mexican Turbo Snails - Turbo fluctuos

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Enhance Your Tank's Cleanliness with Mexican Turbo Snails (Turbo fluctuosa): Nature's Cleanup Crew

Introducing Mexican Turbo Snails (Turbo fluctuosa), the diligent janitors of your aquarium, renowned for their efficient algae-eating prowess. Originating from the coastal waters of Mexico, these snails are a valuable addition to maintain a pristine and balanced marine environment.

Key Features:

1. Algae-Busting Experts: Mexican Turbo Snails are voracious algae consumers, effortlessly grazing on unsightly algae that may accumulate on rocks, glass, and substrate. Keep your tank looking pristine with these natural algae eliminators.

2. Recommended Quantity: For optimal cleaning power, introduce Mexican Turbo Snails in an appropriate quantity based on your tank's size. A general guideline is one snail per 10 gallons (38 liters) of water, ensuring thorough algae control.

3. Hardy and Low-Maintenance: These snails are hardy and low-maintenance, making them suitable for both beginner and experienced aquarists. Enjoy the benefits of a cleaner tank without the need for extensive care.

4. Shell Aesthetics: Mexican Turbo Snails feature unique and attractive shells with a textured surface. Their presence not only serves a practical purpose but also adds visual interest to your aquarium.

5. Reef-Safe: Rest easy knowing that Mexican Turbo Snails are reef-safe, making them compatible with coral and other invertebrates. They contribute to a balanced ecosystem without posing a threat to your reef setup.

Care Instructions:

  • Tank Environment: Maintain stable water parameters, with a temperature range of 72-78°F (22-26°C) and a salinity level of 1.023-1.025. Provide ample hiding spots and ensure a well-oxygenated environment.

  • Feeding: Mexican Turbo Snails primarily feed on algae, but if algae is scarce, supplement their diet with seaweed or algae wafers to ensure they receive adequate nutrition.

  • Compatibility: These snails are generally peaceful and can coexist with a variety of tank mates. Avoid housing them with aggressive species that may harm them.

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