Marine Betta - Calloplesiops altivelis

Marine Betta - Calloplesiops altivelis

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Discover the Marine Betta (Calloplesiops altivelis): An Exquisite Jewel of the Sea

Introducing the Marine Betta (Calloplesiops altivelis), a true gem of the ocean known for its remarkable beauty and graceful presence. Native to the Indo-Pacific region, these elegant fish bring a touch of elegance to your marine sanctuary.

Key Features:

1. Striking Elegance: The Marine Betta boasts a mesmerizing blend of colors, featuring deep black and pristine white speckling, creating a sophisticated and captivating appearance. Its unique and graceful beauty makes it a centerpiece of any aquarium.

2. Ideal Tank Size: To ensure their well-being and the freedom to move gracefully, a tank size of at least 75 gallons (284 liters) is recommended. This provides ample space for them to thrive and showcase their majestic presence.

3. Peaceful and Reef Safe: Marine Bettas are known for their peaceful nature and are considered reef safe, making them an excellent choice for reef aquariums. They coexist harmoniously with corals, however, they are predatory and may consume small fish and invertebrates.

4. Intermediate Level: These bettas are well-suited for aquarists with intermediate experience in marine fishkeeping. With proper tank conditions and care, they flourish and exhibit their regal demeanor.

5. Moderate Size: Marine Bettas typically reach a moderate size of about 8 inches, making them a captivating and manageable addition to various marine setups.

Care Instructions:

  • Tank Environment: Maintain a well-established marine aquarium with live rock for hiding spots and shelter. Keep water parameters stable, with a temperature range of 72-78°F (22-26°C) and a salinity level of 1.023-1.025.

  • Feeding: Marine Bettas are carnivorous and thrive on a diet of high-quality marine flakes, pellets, and occasional servings of live or frozen foods to ensure their nutritional needs are met.

  • Compatibility: These bettas are generally peaceful and can coexist with various marine fish, however, care should be taken not to house them with fish or invertebrates small enough to fit in their mouths.

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