Longfin Rosy Barb - Puntius conchonius

Longfin Rosy Barb - Puntius conchonius

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Explore Elegance with the Longfin Rosy Barb (Puntius conchonius): A Graceful Aquatic Delight

Dive into the world of aquatic beauty with the Longfin Rosy Barb (Puntius conchonius), a breathtaking and graceful freshwater fish that adds a touch of vibrant charm to your home aquarium. Renowned for its striking colors and distinct long fins, this species is a popular choice among aquarists aiming to create a visually captivating and dynamic aquatic environment. These stunning fish hale from southeast asia, and grow to a maximum size of 6 inches.

Key Features:

1. Stunning Coloration: The Longfin Rosy Barb dazzles with its vivid hues, displaying a delightful blend of rosy-red, silver, and hints of gold. The striking coloration of this fish adds a dramatic and eye-catching element to your aquarium.

2. Graceful Long Fins: Boasting elongated, flowing fins, the Longfin Rosy Barb exudes an aura of elegance. Its elongated fins give it a graceful and majestic appearance, making it a centerpiece in any aquarium.

3. Sociable & Active: Longfin Rosy Barbs are known for their active and sociable nature. They enjoy swimming in groups and interact harmoniously with other fish, contributing to a lively and engaging aquatic community.

4. Low Maintenance: Perfect for both novices and experienced aquarists, the Longfin Rosy Barb is relatively easy to care for. It adapts well to a variety of tank conditions and thrives with standard freshwater aquarium care.

5. Versatile Aquarium Compatibility: Longfin Rosy Barbs coexist well with a variety of peaceful community fish. They are ideal for a planted aquarium setup and add vibrancy to a well-decorated tank.

Care Instructions:

  • Tank Size: A minimum of a 20-gallon tank is recommended to provide ample space for a school of Longfin Rosy Barbs.

  • Water Parameters: Maintain stable water parameters with a temperature range of 64-72°F (18-22°C) and a slightly acidic to neutral pH (6.0-7.0).

  • Diet: Provide a balanced diet including high-quality flakes, pellets, and occasional live or frozen foods to meet their nutritional needs.

  • Compatibility: Longfin Rosy Barbs are peaceful and thrive in a community aquarium with other non-aggressive fish species.

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