Longspine Urchin - Diadema setosum

Longspine Urchin - Diadema setosum

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Care: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
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The Longspine Urchin, unsurprisingly, is named for its long black, slightly venomous spines which it uses as a defense mechanism against predators. Their pure black coloration is punctuated with a single bulbous red eyespot at the top center of its body. As with all urchins, they are voracious consumers of algae, including coraline, and will leave a spotless wake of rock or glass in their path. They're a nocturnal species, and usually hide during the day, so care should be taken when working in the tank, as it's very easy to accidentally prick yourself on the sharp spines. The sting isn't dangerous though, and is roughly on par with a bee sting.                


Longspine Urchins grow to about 10" in diameter, (slightly larger than a basketball) making them impractical for smaller tanks. They're perfect for larger tanks, especially as clean up crew members in predatory tanks. Due to their excellent defenses, they can be safely kept with fish that would normally consume other inverts. Like other invertebrates, they're intolerant of copper and rapid changes in water chemistry. Care should be taken to slowly drip acclimate them.    


Longspine Urchins will thrive on algae found in the tank, but in smaller tanks, or tanks with little algae, it's recommended to supplement their diet with nori algae.  

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