Jellybean Chalice

Jellybean Chalice

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Introducing the Jellybean Chalice - a sweet and vibrant addition to your reef oasis! Named after the colorful candy, these Chalice corals feature a dazzling array of hues reminiscent of a jar full of jellybeans. With their lively colors and intricate patterns, Jellybean Chalices bring a playful and energetic vibe to your underwater world. Renowned for their hardiness and ease of care, these corals are suitable for aquarists of all levels. Flourishing under moderate lighting and flow and stable water conditions, Jellybean Chalices rapidly expand, forming captivating colonies that add depth and character to your reef aquarium.

Scientific Name

Echinophyllia sp.





Base/Mouth Color


Polyp/Tip Color




Reef Safe


Care Level





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Purchase Size

 2-5 eyes



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