Harlequin Tusk - Choerodon fasciatus

Harlequin Tusk - Choerodon fasciatus

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Care: Moderate
Temperament:   Semi-Aggressive
Reef Safe: With Caution
Max Size:
Tank Size: 125gal


The Harlequin Tusk is an absolutely stunning species of large wrasse notable for its bright vertical banded coloration, and its eponymous large bright blue tusks. There are two commonly available varieties: Indo and Australian.  Of the two, the Australian is considered more desirable due to the vivid blue margins around the orange stripes.          


Harlequin Tusks are an active fish that grown to about 10", and should be kept in an aquarium of 125 gallons or more. They are often recommended for fish only system due to their propensity for eating inverts, however, they won't both corals, and may be kept in reef systems with the proper consideration. Despite their fierce appearance, they are only semi aggressive, and may be kept with common reef fish.        


One only has to look at the teeth on a Harlequin Tusk to know that they're predatory. Offer them plenty of meaty frozen foods such as mysis or other seafood blends.     

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