Galaxy Rasbora

Galaxy Rasbora - Celestichthys margaritatus - Celestial Pearl Danio (CPD)

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Care: Moderate
Temperament: Peaceful
Region: Southeast Asia
Max Size:
Tank Size: 10gal
Purchase Size: .5-.75"


The Galaxy Rasbora, also commonly known as the Celestial Pearl Danio, is an attractive nano fish in the Danio family. They're native to shallow ponds in southeast Asia, often found in and around rice paddies. They're names for their coloration, displaying bright yellow dots on a dark slate-blue background, resembling the night's sky. Mature males also show bright red-orange and black coloration along the dorsal, anal, and tailfins.          


Galaxy Rasboras are grow to about 1" long, and prefer to be kept in schools of 6 or more. Their small size and unique patterns make they attractive options for nano tanks, or as tankmates with decorative shrimp like Cherry or Crystal shrimp. They are most comfortable when provided with plenty of plants which they use as cover while exploring around the bottom half of the tank. As these are very small and peaceful fish, it's important not to keep them with any aggressive species, or with anything that could eat them. Clean and well maintained water is important to these fish, as they will become more prone to disease in dirty water.        


Galaxy Rasboras are omnivores, and will accept fine pellets or crushed flake food in addition to frozen and live offerings like brine shrimp.       

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