Forktail Rainbow Male

Forktail Rainbowfish - Pseudomugil furcatus

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Care: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Region: New Guinea
Max Size:
Tank Size: 10gal
Purchase Size: .5"-1"


The Forktail Rainbowfish is a beautiful addition to any community tank full of small fish. This is a sexually dimorphic species, with mature males displaying bright yellow coloration at the fringes of each fin, and a distinctive forked pattern on the tail fin. The female displays a similar, but drastically more muted coloration.        


Forktail Rainbowfish are a small shoaling species that grows to around 2". They prefer to be kept in larger groups of 6 or more with other similarly sized fish. They are an active midlevel swimmer, and should be provided with plenty of plants and decor to use as cover. Though generally a peaceful fish, they have been known to nip at species with long, flowing fins. They are generally safe with adult ornamental shrimp such as Cherry and Crystal shrimp, though they may eat the young.       


Forktail Rainbowfish aren't picky eaters, and will readily accept most small prepared or live foods.   

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