Flame Angelfish - Centropyge loricula

Flame Angelfish - Centropyge loricula

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Care: Medium
Temperament:   Semi-Aggressive
Reef Safe: With Caution
Max Size:
Tank Size: 70gal


Flame Angelfish are possibly the most stunning of the dwarf angelfish. With its deep orange coloration, contrasting vertical black bars and indigo accents on the dorsal and anal fins, this is an impossible fish to miss in the home aquarium.      


Flame angelfish grow to a maximum size of 4", and due to their semi-aggressive nature and active lifestyle, should be kept in an aquarium of 70 gallons or more. It's important to provide plenty of open swimming space as well as rock to hide in to make flame angels feel at easy. Due to these considerations, they're considered moderately difficult to keep. They are generally thought of as reef safe with caution, but one should be especially careful with clams and fleshy LPS species.       


Diamond gobies have no special feeding considerations, and will readily accept most frozen or dry prepared foods with supplemental vegetarian options like spirulina and nori sheets.   

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