Fiji Bicolor Foxface - Siganus uspi

Fiji Bicolor Foxface - Siganus uspi

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One of the less common fox faces, the bicolor foxface features dark brown to black patterning on the front 3/4 of the body, with brightly contrasting golden yellow on the rear quarter. This specimen is about 2-2.5".


Like other rabbit fish, the bicolor foxface can essentially be treated like a tang. They get about a foot long, and require a large 6ft tank like a 125 gallon when fully grown. They cannot be kept with other foxfaces, but are otherwise peaceful. Foxfaces believe the best offense is a good defense, and sport venomous spines on the dorsal and anal fins, so be careful when handling the fish or have hands in the tank.  


Much like tangs, rabbitfish are mostly herbivores, and should be provided a consistent source of nori algae and rock to pick at, but will readily accept meaty food sources. It is important that they stay well fed, as they have been known to nip at LPS when underfed, but are otherwise considered reef safe. 

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