Echinodorus martii (major) Sword

Echinodorus martii (major) Sword

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Discover Aquatic Beauty with Echinodorus martii (major): A Timeless Aquatic Marvel

Enhance the beauty of your aquarium with Echinodorus martii (major), a captivating and elegant aquatic plant that brings a touch of natural grace to your underwater world. Also known as the Ruffled Amazon Sword, this species is revered for its unique leaf structure and versatility, making it a favored choice among aquarium enthusiasts.

Key Features:

1. Unique Leaf Structure: Echinodorus martii (major) boasts distinctive, ruffled leaves with a charming wavy edge, adding a captivating aesthetic to your aquarium. The leaf structure is a standout feature, making it a focal point in any aquascape.

2. Easy to Grow & Maintain: Perfect for both novices and experienced aquarists, Echinodorus martii (major) is remarkably easy to care for. It adapts well to various water conditions and requires minimal maintenance, making it an ideal choice for hassle-free aquatic gardening.

3. Versatile Placement: Whether in the foreground or midground, Echinodorus martii (major) adapts seamlessly to different aquarium layouts. Its compact growth pattern and attractive leaf arrangement allow you to design your aquascape according to your creative vision.

4. Flourishing Growth Dynamics: As Echinodorus martii (major) thrives, it showcases a lush display of leaves that create a dense and visually appealing vegetative display. The growth pattern adds a sense of natural harmony to your underwater world.

5. Promotes Aquatic Biodiversity: Apart from its aesthetic appeal, Echinodorus martii (major) provides a natural and cozy shelter for fish and other aquatic life, promoting a harmonious and thriving aquarium environment.

Care Instructions:

  • Lighting: Provide low to moderate lighting for optimal growth and leaf development.

  • Water Parameters: Maintain stable water parameters with a slightly acidic to neutral pH (6.0-7.5) and a temperature range of 72-82°F (22-28°C).

  • Substrate: Utilize a nutrient-rich substrate to support healthy root development and encourage robust growth.

  • Fertilization: Supplement with a comprehensive aquatic fertilizer to ensure your Echinodorus martii (major) receives essential nutrients for vigorous growth.

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