Diamond Goby - Valenciennea puellaris

Diamond Goby - Valenciennea puellaris

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Care: Easy
Temperament:   Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
Max Size:
Tank Size: 30gal


The diamond goby, also sometimes called the diamond watchman goby or orange spotted sleeper goby, makes an invaluable addition to any reef tank with a sandbed. They tirelessly keep the sandbed clean and turned over by scooping mouthfuls of sand into their mouths and sifting it for food, thus preventing detritus buildup and anoxic zones. This can, however, be a double edged sword, as the diamond goby may have different plans than its owner for the shape of the sandbed, and may bury low lying frags.     


Like most gobies, the diamond goby is a very hardy and easy to care for species. They grow up to 6" long, but do well in aquariums of 30 gallons or larger. They are a peaceful and reef safe species, but shouldn't be placed in a small tank with other bottom feeders. It's advisable to keep a screen top with this species, as they are notorious for carpet surfing when startled.     


Diamond gobies have no special feeding considerations, and will readily accept most frozen or dry prepared foods.  

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