Dennerle Plant System Set
Dennerle Plant System Set
Dennerle Plant System Set
Dennerle Plant System Set

Dennerle Plant System Set

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Fertilizer System for Large, Demanding Plant Aquariums

Ludwig Dennerle has been cultivating aquatic plants for over 55 years. He received many inquiries from customers about the appropriate plant nutrient supply for their home aquariums. This led to the creation of the Dennerle fertilizer system, which has been continuously improved since its inception. The fertilizer set is specifically designed for heavily planted community aquariums, which are characterized by a planting area of approximately 70-80% of the bottom surface, with about half being fast-growing species under good growing conditions, including good lighting and CO2 supply. The fertilizer system is made up of three components that ensure a consistent and even supply of nutrients.

  • Plant System S7 = vital substances
  • Plant System E15 = iron fertilizer
  • Plant System V30 = complete fertilizer

The components of the fertilizer are highly concentrated and efficient, making it ideal for large aquariums of 100 liters or more.


  • 3-component system fertilizer for large and heavily planted aquaria
  • High reach due to highly concentrated ingredients
  • For splendid plants and intensely vibrant colors
  • With all important nutrients, minerals and trace elements
  • Based on nature‘s model and with the know-how of over 50 years of aquarium plant research


Product Dosage
Plant Sytem S7 Weekly 3 ml per 100 L aquarium water
Plant System E15 Every 4 weeks (e.g. always on the 15th of the month) 1 tablet to 100 L aquarium water
Plant System V30 Every 4 weeks (e.g. always on the 30th of the month) 3 ml on 100 L aquarium water

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