Crystal Black Shrimp - Caridina cantonensis

Crystal Black Shrimp - Caridina cantonensis

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Care: Moderate-Difficult
Temperament: Peaceful
Region: Taiwan
Max Size:
Tank Size: 5gal
Purchase Size: .25-.5"


Crystal Black Shrimp are a highly coveted species of freshwater shrimp that was selectively bred in Japan from the wild Bee Shrimp for its beautiful opaque black and white patterning. This intensive breeding has made an already sensitive species all the more intolerant of rapid changes or suboptimal water conditions, making them an inappropriate choice for beginners.      


Crystal Black Shrimp are small freshwater shrimp that grow to a maximum size of 1.25 inches, and live up to 1.5 years. This peaceful, though touchy species, requires soft, acidic, and most importantly pristinely clean water, and is very sensitive so sudden changes in water parameters. It's best to supply them with dense plant covering, and plenty of driftwood and caves to hide in when feeling threatened. Crystal Black Shrimp stay small, and have few natural defenses, so it's advisable to keep them with small and peaceful nano fish.       


Crystal Black shrimp are omnivores, and will readily consume algae, food scraps from fish feeding, or specially formulated shrimp pellets

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