Clown Triggerfish - Balistoides conspicillum

Clown Triggerfish - Balistoides conspicillum

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Care: Easy
Temperament: Aggressive
Reef Safe: No
Max Size:
1' 8"
Tank Size: 300gal


The clown trigger is one of the most amazing and dramatically patterned fish you can get for a fish only system. Featuring boldly contrasting white spots contrasted against a black background with bright yellow accents, this is truly and eye-catching fish.     


Clown triggers are hardy, and easy to care for in the right environment, but some special considerations do need to be made. Topping out at 1' 8", this is a truly LARGE fish for the aquarium hobby, and must be kept in a 300gal or larger system. They also have a reputation for being very aggressive, and must be kept with similarly large and aggressive species. They also can't be kept in reef tanks, as they will happily snack on expensive coral and invertebrates.    


Triggers thrive on a diet of large meaty foods. Like puffers, they have constantly growing teeth which require hard-shelled prey to help keep them worn down. 

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