Clown Killifish

Clown Killifish - Epiplatys annulatus

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Care: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Region: West Africa
Max Size:
Tank Size: 5gal
Purchase Size: .25"-.5"


The Clown Killifish, also known as the Rocket Killifish, is a fascinating little surface dwelling micro-fish that's named for the tail fin on mature males, which resembles the flames of a rocket in shape and color. The rest of their bodies display alternating bands of tan, black, and gold. Due to their small size, they make an excellent option for nano tanks, and may be kept with ornamental shrimp like Cherry and Crystal Shrimp, though they may eat baby shrimp.     


Clown Killifish grow to a size of about 1.5", allowing them to be kept in large groups in nano tanks. They'll readily breed in captivity, and it's recommended to keep 2 or 3 females per male to reduce aggression. They shouldn't be kept with large fish, as their small size makes them a tempting snack for many species.      


Clown Killifish, due to their small size, should be fed a variety of very small pellet and crushed flake foods. They'll also thrive on brine shrimp or other small frozen foods.   

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