Punk Rocker Zoa

Punk Rocker Zoa

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Introducing the Punk Rocker Zoa - the rockstar of your reef tank! These stunning coral polyps boast a mesmerizing combination of vivid colors and unique patterns, instantly commanding attention in any aquatic environment. With hues ranging from electric greens, blues, purples, and yellows to fiery oranges, Punk Rocker Zoas add a burst of energy and personality to your underwater landscape. Renowned for their resilience and ease of care, these corals are perfect for both beginner and experienced hobbyists. Flourishing in various lighting and water conditions, Punk Rocker Zoas rapidly propagate, creating a dazzling spectacle of color and movement in your reef aquarium. 

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Reef Safe


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Tonga, Fiji,  Solomon   Islands, and the Great Barrier Reef


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