Blue Linckia Starfish - Linckia laevigata

Blue Linckia Starfish - Linckia laevigata

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Care: Expert
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
Max Size:
Stocking: 1 per 100 gallons


Blue Linckia Stars are one of the most beautiful and eye-catching species of star commonly available in the aquarium trade. With their large size and bright blue coloration, even guest that normally wouldn't give your aquarium a second look will be fascinated.          


Blue Linckia Stars grow to about a foot in diameter. It's recommended to keep them in large and very established tanks of 100 gallons or more to ensure they can forage enough food. Like all inverts, they cannot tolerate copper, and are sensitive to sudden changes in parameters, so a drip acclimation is important. As with other sea stars, it's recommended to limit or eliminate expose to air when handling or acclimating.   


Linckia Stars will forage for uneaten food an microfauna in the tank, but it's important to supplement their diets with targeted feedings of meaty frozen foods. 

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