Black Ocellaris Darwin Clownfish

Black & White Clownfish - Amphiprion Ocellaris

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Care: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
Max Size:
Tank Size: 20gal


The Black & White Clownfish, also known as the Darwin Clownfish, is a naturally occurring regional color morph of the common Ocellaris clownfish from the Darwin, North Australian region. Juveniles display a deep chocolate brown coloration, but quickly darken to jet black with age.    


At a maximum size of 4", one might expect the Black & White clownfish to require larger tanks, but they have a tendency to not stray from their chosen territories, making them a perfect fish for a 20gal or larger, though aggression may become an issue in smaller tanks, especially if they start breeding. Like most clowns, once established, Black & White clownfish are very durable fish with long lifespans, and make great beginner fish.   


Clowns typically aren't picky eaters, and will readily accept frozen, flake, or pellet foods. 

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