Orange Firefish

Orange Firefish - Nemateleotris magnifica

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Care: Easy
Temperament:   Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
Max Size:
Tank Size: 20gal


The orange firefish, sometimes simply referred to as a firefish or fire goby, makes for a beautiful and easy to care for species even for beginner marine aquarists. Their bodies feature smooth gradient from white at the head to a deep red at the tail, and the tall spike of the dorsal fin gives it an interesting and unmistakable shape.      


Orange firefish are a small species, topping out at 3". They can generally be found in the middle levels of the tank hovering near the rockwork where they can bolt at the slightest sign of danger. Due to their small size and inactive nature, they can be kept in small tanks of 20 gallons or more. They're very peaceful, reef safe, and are very easy to care for. All of these factors, plus their affordable price make them an excellent option for the beginner aquarist. Like other firefish, a securely fitted net top is recommended to prevent carpet surfing.        


Orange Firefish have no special feeding considerations, and will readily accept most frozen or dry prepared foods. Due to their shy nature, it is advisable to pay attention that they get enough food when kept with more boisterous feeders.   

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