Astraea Snails - Astraea tecta
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Astraea Snails - Astraea tecta

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Care: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
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Stocking: 1 per 5 gallons


Astraea Snails, also sometimes referred to as Astraea Turbos or simply just Turbo snails, make a great addition to any clean up crew. They can usually be found on the rock or glass hunting for film and hair algaes. They're notable for their attractive almost perfectly conical shaped shells.        


Astraea Snails grow to about 1". They make excellent algae eaters, and can be found constantly on the move consuming pest algae in the home aquarium. Unlike many snails, Astraea are unable to right themselves if they fall on their backs. It's important to help right them if they're found on their backs, as they'll eventually die unless rescued. Like all inverts, they cannot tolerate copper, and are sensitive to sudden changes in parameters, so a drip acclimation is important.   


Astraea Snails spend their days consuming film and hair algae in the aquarium. They do not require supplemental feeding.

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