OB Peacock Cichlid Adult
OB Peacock Cichlid

OB Peacock Cichlid

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Care: Easy
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Region: Lake Malawi
Max Size:
Tank Size: 55gal


OB Peacock Cichlids are a hybrid species derived from crossing an Mbuna cichlid possessing the spotted "OB" gene with a peacock cichlid. Overall, these fish display reds, oranges, and yellows over the body with random black spotting over the base coloration with speckles of red on the fins. The patterning is completely random, with each fish looking completely unique.            


OB Peacocks grow up to 6 inches long for mature males, and 4 inches for females, and may be kept in aquariums of 55 gallons or more. They are a semi-aggressive to aggressive species that thrives in hard, alkaline water. Males can be differentiated from females by the presence of yellow 'egg spots' on the anal fin of males, which are used in mating to fertilize the eggs gathered in mouth of the female. It's recommended to provide plenty of rocks and cave structures to reduce territorial aggression. African cichlids generally aren't recommended for tanks with live plants, as they're known to eat or otherwise destroy live plants.          


OB Peacock Cichlids will readily accept most prepared foods, especially custom blended African Cichlid blends.

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