Sexy Shrimp - Thor amboinensis

Sexy Shrimp - Thor amboinensis

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Care: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
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Named for their constant dance-like gyrations of their rear end, Sexy Shrimp are one of the more colorfully named species in the hobby. This small shrimp is easily identifiable by its rusty orange base coloration and beautiful white spotting. Much like clownfish, they're known for forming commensal relationships with anemones, using the anemone as cover from predators and cleaning it in return.                


The Sexy Shrimp is a small species, and likes to be kept in groups, making them a perfect species for a nano tank. Though they naturally live in anemones, they don't require them in the home aquarium, and will happily adapt to living on LPS corals, or just bare rock. Their small size makes them an attractive meal for predatory fish, or even medium sized fish that are normally considered invert safe such as clowns. They do best kept in smaller tanks with fish that can't fit them in their mouths. Like other invertebrates, they're intolerant of copper and rapid changes in water chemistry. Care should be taken to slowly drip acclimate them.    


Sexy Shrimp should be offered a varied diet right in small meaty foods. 

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