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Full Moon Betta: Illuminating Elegance in Your Aquarium

Introducing the Full Moon Betta, a celestial marvel that brings a touch of illuminated elegance to your aquarium. With its radiant coloration and round finnage reminiscent of a full moonlit night, this betta is a living masterpiece that adds celestial beauty to any aquatic setting.

Key Features:

1. Luminescent Coloration: Marvel at the luminescent coloration of the Full Moon Betta. The ethereal hues, reminiscent of a full moon's glow, create a celestial spectacle that transforms your aquarium into a serene and enchanting lunar landscape.

2. Elaborate Finnage: Admire the elaborate finnage that enhances the regal appearance of the Full Moon Betta. With gracefully  rounded flowing fins resembling a full moon, this betta moves through the water with an otherworldly elegance, creating a dynamic and mesmerizing aquatic display.

3. Celestial Patterns: Experience the celestial patterns that adorn the scales of the Full Moon Betta. Intricate and captivating, these patterns add a celestial touch to the betta's overall appearance, making each individual a unique and dazzling work of art.

4. Tranquil Presence: Appreciate the tranquil presence of the Full Moon Betta. Whether in moments of stillness or graceful swimming, this betta exudes a calming aura, making it a perfect addition to both serene and dynamic aquarium setups.

Care Instructions:

  • Aquarium Setup: Design an aquarium with a mix of live or silk plants, dark substrates, and gentle lighting to enhance the betta's lunar colors. Provide hiding spots and open swimming areas to accommodate their finnage.

  • Feeding: Offer a well-balanced diet of high-quality betta pellets, live or frozen brine shrimp, and bloodworms. A varied diet contributes to their overall health and vibrant colors.

  • Water Parameters: Maintain stable water conditions with a temperature range of 78-80°F (25-27°C) and a slightly acidic to neutral pH (6.5-7.5).

Maximum Size: The Full Moon Betta typically reaches a maximum size of approximately 2.5 inches (6.35 cm).

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