Urau Cichlid

Uaru Cichlid - Uaru amphiacanthoides

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Care: Moderate
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Region: Amazon
Max Size:
Tank Size: 75gal
Purchase Size: 2"-2.5"


The Uaru (pronounced waroo) is an uncommon species of South American cichlid native to the Amazon River basin. Its adult coloration features shades of tans and grays with a thick black horizontal streak across the lower half of its body. Juveniles are a more muted mottled brown in coloration. Interestingly, in much of their wild range, Uaru are considered game fish, and are often collected for food.         


Uaru are a large but relatively peaceful species of cichlid, growing up to 10 inches long, and requiring a tank of 75 gallons or larger. They're generally non-aggressive, but will become territorial during breeding, and are generally compatible with most fish that prefer the same conditions. Despite their size, they aren't predatory, and may even be kept with much smaller fish such as tetras. Having a preference for clean, fairly low pH water, Uaru are considered a moderately difficult species to keep, though years of captive breeding has made them much easier to maintain.       


Uaru are omnivorous, but prefer a diet with more vegetation than protein. They'll generally accept most foods, but a quality cichlid blend is recommended.   

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