Tiger Parrot Cichlid

Tiger Parrot Cichlid - Cichlasoma sp.

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Care: Medium
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Region: Artificial Hybrid
Max Size:
Tank Size: 30gal
Purchase Size: 2-2.5"


The Tiger Parrot Cichlid is a variety of Blood Parrot, a manmade hybrid bred from the midas and the redhead cichlid, so named for its black patterning on an orange background. This combination of genetic features has created a rounded, almost goldfish like body with pointed protruding head. As a hybrid, these fish may have an increased risk of developmental issues related to swim bladders and spinal deformities.                  


Tiger Parrots grow to a size of 8 inches, and should be house in an aquarium of 30 gallons or more. They prefer soft and acidic water conditions, and should not be kept with more aggressive species because of their relatively poor swimming abilities, which make them unable to compete effectively for food. Blood parrots should be provided with plenty of rock work or caves so setup their own territories.             


Tiger Parrots are omnivorous, and should readily accept sinking prepared foods, though care should be taken to ensure they are able to effectively compete at feeding time.  

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