Scribbled Boxfish - Ostracion solorensis

Scribbled Boxfish - Ostracion solorensis

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Care: Expert
Temperament:   Peaceful
Reef Safe: No
Max Size:
Tank Size: 100gal


The Scribbled Boxfish, also known as the Reticulated Boxfish, in a beautiful species of small boxfish native to the west Pacific region that is notable for its boxy shape and random twisting scribbled pattern. 


Scribbled Boxfish grow to about 5" long, and should be kept in tanks of 100 gallons or more. This peaceful species is a poor swimmer due to its awkward shape, and should not be kept with more aggressive and boisterous fish that could stress or bully it. When stressed, the Scribbled Boxfish may release a toxin into the water for self defense that can be detrimental to itself and the other tank inhabitants, so always remove a boxfish that appears to be struggling excessively. Boxfish are known coral eaters, and may pick at sessile invertebrates. These non-reef safe fish are best kept in fish only systems. 


Scribbled Boxfish may be finicky eaters at fish. Offer a variety of meaty frozen frozen foods such as mysis or other seafood blends.  

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