San Francisco Bay Brand - Frozen Food - Frozen Cyclops 30 cubs 3.5oz

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Frozen Cyclops - 30 Cubes - 3.5 oz

San Francisco Bay Brand Frozen Cyclops is a 3.5 ounce package that contains 30 individual frozen cubes designed to provide essential nutrients, vitamins and proteins to the inhabitants of your aquatic ecosystem. Ideal for freshwater and reef tanks, these versatile, nutrient rich copepod cubes are enthusiastically eaten by an incredibly wide variety of freshwater and saltwater fish such as baby fish, egg layers, livebearers, tetras, guppies, barbs, mandarin gobies, various coral species, jellyfish, clams and other invertebrates. Copepods, copepodites (juvenile copepods) and copepod nauplii (newly hatched copepods) frequently dominate in natural plankton and often form one of the main foods eaten by fish larvae. These highly nutritious copepods contain high levels of proteins and lipids due to their consumption of phyto- and microzooplankton. This all natural food source is harvested alive from brackish water estuaries at dawn and are transported to the facility for immediate cleaning, processing, packaging to retain optimal freshness and flavor. Helps to enhance growth, promote vibrant coloration and provide fish with a well needed boost of energy.

Please Note:

Feed often, but only what can be consumed in three minutes. Remove any uneaten food. Never overfeed. No thawing or rinsing required. Keep frozen.

Microwaving or thawing in hot water is not recommended, as this breaks down the nutrients contained in frozen fish food.

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