RRA Phytoplankton Blend 8 oz

---RRA’s Step 1---


The step one in a complete nutritional ecosystem is phytoplankton. These single cell organisms are a food source for other food like copepods. On top of this, corals, filter feeders and fish larva rely on these small green power packs to supply basic organic compounds that must be added to maintain incredible coloration. Phyto may improve water chemistry as phytoplankton naturally consume nitrates and phosphates and then can be removed by your skimmer. It is recommended that phyto is dosed to individual colonies of coral for best results. It can also be dosed to an entire tank to supplement copepod growth. After phytoplankton is dosed, it is best to turn the skimmer off for approximately 1 hour to allow absorption and feeding.


---Our Three Species Blend Includes---

isochrysis galbana c-nannochloropsis oculate-tetraselmis chuii

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Type: Dry Goods

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